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"People Make Quality Happen."

General Motors process for Total Quality Management (TQM) is the UAW-GM Quality Network - the one process for total Customer Satisfaction and Enthusiasm - through People, Teamwork and Continuous Quality Improvement.

Guided by the beliefs and values, implementation of the UAW-GM Quality Network will lead to highest satisfaction and enthusiasm of the ultimate customer - those who buy GM products and use our services.

The Quality Network is based on people. It involves the union employees, suppliers and customers. It encourages meaningful contributions and participation in decision-making to influence the work environment and the manufacturing process.

The UAW-GM Quality Network is based on teamwork. It encourages each individual to contribute to everyone's success. It fosters open, effective communication so that roles, responsibilities and requirements are clearly defined and easily understood.

The Quality Network is based on continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction and enthusiasm is achievable through improvements in the products and services General Motors provides. The Quality Network can ensure business success for General Motors and job security for UAW members. Jointly conceived and implemented, the Quality Network is the process which will assist in improving every aspect of the manufacturing process.

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